Love Seneca 2016

Seneca Ministerial Alliance
Holds Love Seneca
Sept. 11, 2016

130 volunteers from area churches came together September 11, 2016 under one umbrella of service to the community of Seneca.  Members of the Ministerial Alliance stated that “Love Seneca” is an opportunity for local christians to come together to give a blessing to the City of Seneca.   Love Seneca volunteers met at the Seneca City park Sunday, September 11th at 2:00 pm.   They were placed in teams and given maps of the fire hydrants located north of the rail road tracks and painting supplies.  The teams were dispatched and the painting begin.  Two other teams were dispatched to the two walk bridges on big lost creek bridge.  The teams painted for 2 1/2 hours accomplishing the goal of painting all the hydrants and the two walk bridges.  The group then met at the Seneca City Park for hot dogs and a short devotion with celebratory music.     Joshua Frakes minister of the Seneca Christian Church talked to the Love Seneca volunteers.  Frakes stated that “today we remember the horrific attacks on this great nation 15 years ago.  We also remember all those who’s light signed bright as the rescued those who were trapped and hurt.  Frakes went on to state the we need to let are lights shine in our community just like the firefighters, emergency service personnel and the individual on 911.  We are called to serve one and another and today that is what we have done.   We have allowed our light to shine in our community, through our action others can see the love of Christ through us.”

The Ministerial Alliance plans to hold the “Love Seneca” event every year.  According to the Alliance projects will be discussed and planning for “Love Seneca 2017” will begin soon.