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This page contains some facts about Seneca, Demographic Information, a city map and other information about the City of Seneca.  

  Seneca has a long history starting with the discovery of the beautiful valley which contained two natural water ways, rolling hills, lush foliage and a lostcreekpeaceful atmosphere. The settlers soon realized the natural treasure they had discovered. By the time Missouri became a state in 1821 the valley was already known by the name “Seneca”. This is an Indian name which means “Keeper of the door”.

  Seneca has always had a rich history. The Frisco Railroad (now Burlington-Northern) runs tFrisco_smallhrough the Lost Creek Valley (Seneca). The railway was the life line to settlers who traveled west-ward. Seneca was the last town before you entered Indian Territory. Because Seneca_Depot_smallof this it has been  nick-named “Little Town On The Border”. The Frisco Railroad ended at Indian Territory (what know is the Oklahoma state line).      

country_school_small  Education has always been a priority to the people in the Seneca Area.   The first school was started in Seneca in 1876. The first building was a small two room log building. The first Seneca school term was only four months. School started at sun-up and was dismissal  long after the sun had gone down each day. Over the years the many changes have occurred.  highschoolbldg2The citizens of the Seneca R7 School District have supported upgrading the facilities.   Currently thigh_schoolhe school district has a pre-K, grade school, intermediate school, middle school and high school.  There are 1636 students enrolled in the 2014-2015 Iva_E._wells_middle_school_smallschool year.   The motto of the Seneca
R7 School District is
Tradition Pride Class”
   Seneca is a progressive community with many points of interest for families. Seneca hosts two city parks, both having walking tracks and play ground equipment for the children.              The  largerSenecaParkBridge of the two city parks is located in the Lost Creek Valley. It contains a public swimming pool with a splash pad, four tennis courts and a walking track that crosses over Little Lost Creek.  The tranquil sound of the water makes walking the track a relaxing adventure. Commonly in the early morning hours  and at dusk, deer are seen in the parks .  


   The population as of 2011 was 2,348 and growing.  The hometown USA atmosphere is enjoyed by young and old alike. It is ran by an elected mayor and six city council members. The City of Seneca extends from a northern boundary of  US 43 highway & Lucy Lane to southern boundary 1/4 mile south of US 43 highway & US 60 highway. A western boundary of the Oklahoma State line to a eastern boundary of Old 60 highway and Antelope Rd.

City services

    • City Water System
    • City Sewer System
    • Waste Removal (contracted)
    • Recycling Center
    • Full time Police Department 24-7
    • Volunteer Fire Department  24-7
    • Staffed Ambulance Station 24-7
    • Two public Parks
    • A Public Swimming Pool
    • Public Library

Map Logo 2014Click Icon to view the City Map

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