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Demolition of Boehning Building

August 27th Progress on Demolition of Boehning Building

8-27 Boehning building8-27 Boehning Building 3


August 26th Progress on Demolition of Boehning Building

8-26 boehning 38-26 boehning demo

At this time Moates Construction is working on the south side of the building.


August 25th Progress on Demolition of Boehning Building ..

boehning 9

 beohning building 6

 North wall has come down Bennett’s Barber Shop is now in less danger. Crews continue to work removing material from the building.


Demolition of the Boenhing Building started August 24th.  IMG_0641

   Moates Excavating started with the north wall of the building which was deemed as the most dangerous at this time. Crews work late Monday evening removing brick by brick.    Citizens are asked to be cautious when in the area.  Do not enter work areas and watch for crew members when driving through the construction zone.bemolition 5



Seneca City Council holds Emergency Meeting

  The Seneca City Council meet at 10:00am, August 21, 2015 for an emergency meeting about the Boehning Building.   The meeting was held to discuss the options the council had to eliminate the public hazard the Boehning building is posing to the public and surrounding business.

  The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Mayor Mark Bennett all council members were present except for Drinda Malone.  Also present was Police Chief James Altic, Fire Chief Darren King, Public Works Director Leo Hirdler, City Attorney Andy Woods, building owners Rick Bennett and Debbie Eads and several concerned citizens.

  Seneca City Attorney, Andy Woods addressed the Seneca City Council with an overview of the proceedings that has conspired about this building.  Woods explained that the City of Seneca has spent many hours and a tremendous amount of paperwork pursuing this issue with the Boehning’s.  He explained to the council the city did receive judgment against the Rochell and Joyce Boehning and they were fined $ 15,500 a piece.   Mr. Woods told the council that in his opinion they needed consider demolishing the building and seek retribution from the Boehning’s for cost incurred. He also stated that the building owners both to the north (Rick Bennett) and the south (Debbie Eads) have cause for action for retribution from the Boehning’s.

  Police Chief James Altic stated that he had been in contact with the Boehning’s attorney and the attorney stated that they do not have the funds to pay for the demolition.

  Mayor Bennett open the floor for comments.  Rick Bennett owner of Bennett’s Barber Shop, made a heartfelt speech about being the third generation to operate the Baber Shop in the current building.  Mr. Bennett went on to say that his grandfather and father worked tirelessly to make a living at that location and “paid their fair share of taxes”.  He stated that all he wants is to be able to operate his business in his building without fear of the adjoining building collapsing on him.  After Rick Bennett’s statement the building owner of Dibbie’s Dry Cleaners, Debbie Eads, addressed the council. “This is exactly where we didn’t want to be and I am so frustrated and mad that nothing has been done before now” stated Eads.  She also stated she has invested a lot of time and money to establish her business and now she is out of business due to the fact that the Boehning’s will not do the right thing.  Eads went on to say that she has spent a lot of money fixing up her building making it presentable and bettering the downtown business district.

  After the comments from Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Eads the council opened the sealed bids that were submitted to demolish the building.  The first bid was from B & D for $124,400. The second bid was from Moates Excavating for the amount of $78,750.  The council deliberated on the bids. After a short deliberation the council awarded Moates Excavating the contract for the amount of $78,750. Attorney Woods stated that Moates would have to have a performance bond and proof of insurance before they could start demolition . He also stated that he would be notifying the Boehning’s of the decision of the city.

  Mayor Bennett addressed the council about amending the Capital Improvements Budget. The Seneca City Council then voted to admin the Capital Improvements Budget to reflect the $78,750 which will have to be used to pay the contractor for the Boehning Building demolition.

   In closing Mayor Mark Bennett stated ” the City of Seneca will be doing everything in its power to recoup the tax payers funds that are being used to demolish the building”. The meeting was adjourned.


 Boehning Building Update – August 19, 2015

Boehning Building 1  According to Chief James Boehning Building 2Altic, just 17 hours after the judgment against the owners of the (Boehning Building), another section of the building has collapsed.   Because of this collapse Bennett’s Barber Shop (the building to north) and Debbie’s Dry Cleaners (the building to the south) had to evacuate. The possibility of further structure collapse of the Boehning Building could produce large amounts of debris to fall onto their buildings.   It was imperative that both business evacuate their properties for safety.  Rick Bennett owner of the Bennett’s Barber Shop stated he does not know at this time if and where he can relocate.   Rick is the third generation from the Bennett family to operated the barbershop in his building.Debbie Eads owner of Debbie’s Dry Cleaners, has temporary moved equipment to the building across the street (Lost Creek Furniture) to be stored.  Debbie is also unsure what she is going to do.

Boehning Building 4

Boehning Building 3  The city of Seneca has blocked and taped off parking spaces and the sidewalk from Memories by Mona to the building south of Debbie’s Dry Cleaners. Citizens are request not to enter the areas that are block off for your safety.