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The Chamber is asking for your input on Citizen of the Year and Business of the year…….

The Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce will be giving two awards during the Christmas Parade in December.  This year we will be accepting nominations from  the business community and the community. The awards will be given are Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year and the Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the year.  If you know someone or a business that is deserving of one of these awards please fill out the form and submit it to the Chamber.    Click here to nominate a person or business 

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Seneca City Council 7-25-16
The council approved minutes of the last meeting
The council approved bills in the amount of $ 90,161.92

The Seneca City Council then set a Public Tax Levy meeting for 6:30 pm August 8, 1016 at the Seneca City Hall prior to the council meeting.

Councilman Bob wilson proposed to set up a work session about possible grants that the City could apply for.

Meeting adjourned
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Mike Langland - candidate for Newton County Sheriff's Office addressed the council. Langland read to the council his history and gave an overview of his goals if elected to the position. Langland stated that he if elected he would make sure the department was more transparent to the citizens of Newton County. ... See MoreSee Less

Seneca City Council 7-25-16 Cont.

Fire Chief Darren King presented the council with a copy of proposed blue prints on the new fire station. Noting that this is not the final draft. He wanted the council to see the direction the fire department was going with the proposed building. King explained to the council currently the proposed building would be 115' X 70' with drive through bays for fire apparatus. The station would be able to accommodate six piece of apparatus until the time the city should purchase a Ladder Truck. A Ladder Truck would take up one bay by its self. The plans call for living quarters, physical fitness area, living area, three bed rooms, office space and restrooms along with the three drive through truck bays.
King also asked the council to review and approve a new firefighter who has meet the requirements to be on the Seneca Volunteer Fire Department. Council voted to place James Schotzey on probationary status on the Seneca Volunteer Fire Department.
Mayor Bennett stated that this is a start with proposed plans assuring council members that this is a proposed plan and will continue to be revised as time goes on.
Councilman Vance talked extensively about several types on high efficiency heating including but not limited to floor heating, and high efficiency radiating heat. King stated that he would be doing research on heating sources.
King told the council that he got the storm water study back and that they may be required to build a catch basin to alleviate excess run off waters.
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Seneca City Council 7-25-16 cont.

Leo Hirdler was unable to attend the council meeting. Jerad Edison reported for public works.
He reported that the water leak at Main St. and Cleveland was fixed and discussed putting a 6" water main on Mineral Street to supply water to the property where the new fire station is going to be built. Public works is requesting to place this line prior to the adjoining property owner place in their new parking area. Edison also told the council that Hirdler had contacted the Army Core Of Engineers about the removal of creek grave that has built up on Big Lost Creek.
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Altic's report cont.-
Seneca is now on the radar with the State of Missouri because of proper reporting.......................

Mayor Mark Bennett asked Chief Altic about the number of arrest. Altic stated that Missouri House of Representatives now understands the City of Seneca has for it's size more DWI's per capita than most any city in the state. He also stated that he has spoken to the new liaison about this situation. The Police Department has now the documentation required apply for grants. Because of the information about traffic counts, arrest and DWI's is being reported correctly has allowed the department to receive more state funds.
There are grants which may pay for another officer and possibly another car for that officer. This would allow the PD to have a multi-person crew.
Altic also stated that the State should be helping financially because of the stats are so high.
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Altic's report cont.- Altic gave the Council a brief overview of the Unity Walk which Seneca PD participated in. Joplin Meda and the Joplin Area Church sponsored the Unity Walk which was design to show unity of the public and law enforcement. Altic stated his was very impressed with the turn out for the event.

Altic stated that Seneca PD had several DWI Arrest again this last weekend and two felony rest. Altic gave praise to his reserve officers for stepping up and covering swifts.

Altic told the council that he has received numerous compliments on the Police Department in the last few months. He also stated that he was very proud of his department.

He also talked about the deal made with Red Wing Shoes which is giving a discount to officers.
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Police Chief James Altic gave the police department report. Altic talked about the interoperability communications. Altic stated that having interoperability with all departments in Jasper County, Newton County would allow both police and fire to have the ability not only to communicate but will allow an exchange of vital information between emergency departments. According to Altic, a meeting has been set for August 10th to examine the system. He also stated that this would cost the city $ 5,000.00 but would save the city $14,000 which is currently being paid for services now that are antiquated. The system would link courts, police and fire through the Gobal Records Management System. ... See MoreSee Less

Seneca City Council meeting was held July 25, 2016. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Mark Bennett. Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Michael Steele and the prayer was lead by Council women Drenda Malone. All council members present. ... See MoreSee Less

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