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May 27th 9-am to 4pm  & May 28th 9am to 2pm
10080 S Bluejacket Rd. behind the Outpost Casino

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Band announced for Celebrating Our Freedom 2016  …..

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The Chamber is asking for your input on Citizen of the Year and Business of the year…….

The Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce will be giving two awards during the Christmas Parade in December.  This year we will be accepting nominations from  the business community and the community. The awards will be given are Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year and the Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the year.  If you know someone or a business that is deserving of one of these awards please fill out the form and submit it to the Chamber.    Click here to nominate a person or business 


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Council went into closed meeting ... See MoreSee Less

Accept Employee Health Insurance from Blue Cross and Blue Shield. ... See MoreSee Less

Discussion about the cost of the well problem a few weeks ago.

Vance stated that he personally did not feel that the City of Seneca was over charged.

Vance stated that he felt they did a good job and worked hard.

Malone stated she wanted to go over the itemized bill before payment was made.

Vance disagreed with her and sated that he was very surprised the bill was not more.

Malone wanted to know because she feels $ 65,558.75 was to much money for the job.

Mayor Bennett went over the itemized billing.

Councilman Eric Quee asked if the equipment was owned by the well company or rented by them. Fire Chief King stated that they did not own the equipment.

Mayor Bennett went through each line item.

Councilman Quee - stated that there is a lot of detail in the itemization of the bill. He felt the labor rate of $ 50 an hour was not unfair.
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Councilman Bob Wilson stated concerns about hill on Shawnee St. ... See MoreSee Less

Minutes approved and bills approved. ... See MoreSee Less

Chris Jennings - talked with council about his candidacy for Newton County Sherif

Carl Taylor - Complained about the city patching the water lines on Shawnee Street. He stated that the lines have not been fixed properly therefore creating problems over and over.

Roy Ritter - former resident stated the same about the road.
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Chief Billy Friend - Wyandotte Nation is working on putting together a grant to get water to tribal housing west of town off Cemetery Road. The the housing development would become customers of the Seneca Water System.

The Wyandotte Tribe would contract the City of Seneca to put in the water meters.

Chief Friend - stated that they have applied for this type of grant in the past and have received them. He feels that they have a good chance in receiving this Grant.

Vance made a motion to allow the Wyandotte Nation to hook up 13 houses to the Seneca Water System.
Hack Zane 2nd

All in favor
Motion passed
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Becky DodsonWasn't it just a few years ago that we had a water shortage?4 days ago

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Visitors - Melissa Ranken, local Seneca resident talked about an issue about her water bill. She pleaded with the council to assist her with the bill.

Cecil Vance stated that he did not think it was a wise decision to place a float in a bucket to shut the water off for a dog. He also stated that he did not fill that the city should not be responsible for her carelessness.

Mayor Bennett stated that the city could set up a payment schedule to pay the bill over time.

Melissa stated that she would be willing to work to help pay down the bill.
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Chief King stated that there is a site plan drawn up for the fire station. King also stated that as soon as he received the plans he would bring them to the council.

King stated that they have one of the trucks back.

King stated his concerns about Seneca not receiving a warning with the last confirmed tornado a few weeks ago.

King stated that the weather service and Newton County Emergency Management meet and talked about the issue.

Discussion about how to make it safer for the residence of Seneca and surrounding area around the city limits. The city emergency services need to have weather information sooner.

King and Altic are currently working on the problem.
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Chief Altic - Discussed the problem with code violations such as tall grass. Altic asked if the Chamber will be able to post information about the codes and the violations there of.

Altic stated that there is a $ 550.00 fine being applied to those who refuse to follow the codes on grass.

Altic is getting bids on new computers because the state of Missouri is requiring them to store video from the officers.

Leo Hirdler - Swimming pool cleaned out and a sink was replaced in the restroom at the city park.

Hirdler reported that his crew has been having to take time from their duties to mow the yards of those who are violating the grass code.
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Amanda GeorgeThanks to the city workers who mowed the grass behind the house on cottage. It was taller than my 3yo!4 days ago
Randy Simpson$550.00 seems a lot for tall grass. Guess the city needs money.3 days ago

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