December 15, 2017

To Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors and members

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has supported the Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce, all the events and projects that the chamber has hosted or organized.  Countless hours go into everything that the chamber does.  I know each and every one involved have given their time, money and energy to this organization.  I also know that the community has been made better because of your sacrifice.

As you all know I have served in this community in many different organizations for years giving time, money and all my energy to make Seneca a better place along with you.  I must say to those who continually stood behind me, beside me and for me my heartfelt thanks. I know there are times that I am difficult to work with due to my passion for this town. The last couple of years has been hard on all of us.  People are busy, tired and unavailable to assist with the chambers endeavors.  Yet just when I think it is finally come to an end and all hope is lost. Someone or several someone’s step up and take the reins. I guess the old saying comes true “the show must go on” and it does.

The reason I am writing this letter to this organization is that I have become tired, overwhelmed and just to a point of being worn out due to all the stress of my very unusual work load, church, and community evolvement. Therefore, after long heart retching deliberation on what to do, I have decided to step down from the Chamber of Commerce and all the duties in which I am in charge of effective immediately.  I hope that the Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce board and Chamber Members understand that I have no animosity towards anyone, my decision is not based upon anything that someone has done or has not done in the Chamber, it is the time in my life to pass the torch so to say.  I must take time to look at my life and reorganize my priorities to reduce the stress. It is time for me to work diligently at my business helping others during their time of loss.

I truly love this town, this community and all of you that have worked beside me giving of yourselves to create a better Seneca. I wish nothing but the best for the Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce and the community of Seneca.  My hope is “the show will go on” and someone will continue the work that has been started.

Best Wishes,

Michael Steele

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